I received my PhD from the History Department at Indiana University, Bloomington. 

My dissertation analyzed archival labor in France from the French Revolution to the modern day, focusing on archival workers broadly defined; I study official archivists as well as a whole host of other people who gathered, organized, and inventorying documents in personal and public archival repositories. Studying labor brings the history of archival institutions to life, and it provides a way to explain for the vast differences between archives despite state pressures to standardize. Human error, the inherent messiness of archives, and the myriad obstacles that archival workers faced all contribute to institutional specificity. 

While an undergraduate at Appalachian State University, I worked as a Book Reviews Editorial Assistant for the American Anthropologist. I have also worked as an Editorial Assistant for the American Historical Review, covering ancient to early modern European history, as well as methods/theory and revolutions. I am currently serving as the Senior Editorial Assistant for the American Historical Review helping to oversee submissions of articles and History Unclassified pieces.